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Omaha talks features interviews with people who have shaped the city we love.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 35 - Jeff Ankenbauer

    We sit down with our longtime friend Jeff Ankenbauer to talk about his childhood and where he found his love for collecting records, being a dad, and the various amazing bands he's been a part of.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 33 - Brandon Kane

    We sit down with Brandon Kane to talk about his time on MTV's Real World, Life after the show, moving to the Midwest to start a family, and his battle with depression.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 32 - Vacation Shorty

    This episode we sit down and talk about why we've been MIA lately. Due to vacation and life we took a short hiatus but ready to rock and roll!

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 31 - DJ Hornacek

    We sit down with DJ Hornacek and talk about his life growing up and playing in bands, working various jobs, and finally finding his love for video editing. Check out his company Midland Pictures for some of his work.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 28 - Long John Silver's Shorty

    This week we have a special shorty for the Omaha Talkers. It was brought to our attention that Parker had never eating LJS before and realized there is a overwhelming love for it. Find out his thoughts!

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 26 - Josh Foo

    We sit down with the talented and funny Josh Foo in this episode. We talk about him growing up in Iowa, how he got into photography, his love for the Omaha culinary scene and more!

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