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Omaha talks features interviews with people who have shaped the city we love.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 21 - Danny Maxwell & Craig Fort of Max Trax Records

    We sit down with Danny Maxwell ( Little Brazil, Junkyard Dan, Leafblower, etc. ) and Craig Fort ( Leafblowers, New Lungs, etc. ) and talk about O'leavers, Omaha music scene, tour stories, and the launch of the new Max Trax Records site and new Little Brazil album.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 19 - Shorty Episode with Missy Magnuson

    We sit down with the amazing, beautiful, and sassy Missy Magnuson in this week's shorty. We go on some fun tangents about ancient Egypt, Roseanne, Westside Connections, and more! We'd also like to thank you, Missy, for being so supportive and allowing us to record the podcast every week. We couldn't do it without her!

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 18 - Steve Gordon of Rdqlus

    We sit down with a longtime friend of the podcast Steve Gordon of Rdqlus. We talk about his childhood in Omaha, his high school and college career as an athlete, moving into the music and design realm, and what he's up to today.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 17 - Raul Herrera

    We sit down with writer, author, poet Raul Herrera about his start in LA, him writing a play, and fun tangents along the way...

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 15 - Nicholas Huff & Brandon Beed of Hutch

    We sit down with Nicholas Huff and Brandon Beed of Hutch. They tell us about how it all started, their love for furniture and leaving their day jobs to follow their dreams. We also get a sneak peek into what they are up to in 2018.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 14 - David Utterback

    This week we sit down with David Utterback of Yoshitomo. We talk about his travels to Japan, midwest and US sushi culture, and more! Thanks again to David for letting us record at Yoshitomo.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 13 - Rachel Grace is BACK

    Rachel returns to Omaha Talks. We figured since we tested out the concept on here it was only fair to have her back. We talk about airport food, her trip to Germany, cannibalism, and everything in between.

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