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Omaha talks features interviews with people who have shaped the city we love.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 14 - David Utterback

    This week we sit down with David Utterback of Yoshitomo. We talk about his travels to Japan, midwest and US sushi culture, and more! Thanks again to David for letting us record at Yoshitomo.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 13 - Rachel Grace is BACK

    Rachel returns to Omaha Talks. We figured since we tested out the concept on here it was only fair to have her back. We talk about airport food, her trip to Germany, cannibalism, and everything in between.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 12 - Shorty w/ Nick Barnett

    We are bringing you another shorty with our friend Nick Barnett! We start off with a bit of gym talk again and move into TV shows and of course a little bit of Grand Island.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 10 - Jocelyn Wiser

    This week's episode is with Jocelyn WIser of the Maven Social Group. We talk about what she does for Maven, Joe Banana's, Favorite takeout spots and Myspace famous Danny Wiser.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 8 - Jamaal Chinn

    This week we sit with down with Jamaal Chinn. Talk about his time in England, the idea and concept behind WKND LDRS, and what he's got planned for the future.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 7 - Holiday Shortie

    This quick shortie episode was to hold you over until the new year. We talk about Disneyworld, funny New Years Eve stories, and Faces of Death. Doesn't get better than that!

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 6 - Devin Ferguson

    This week we sit down with Devin Ferguson of Liquid Courage Tattoo / Sailor's Grave Tattoo. We talk about his start into tattooing, how Liquid Courage and Sailor's Grave opened up, and a bit of Godzilla talk.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 5 - Bryce Hotz

    We sit down with Bryce Hotz from Archetype Recordings. We talk about his recording studio, old Omaha hardcore bands, and learning from the great Steve Albini.

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 3 - Chris Machmuller

    This week's episode we sit down with Chris Machmuller of O'leavers. We learn about how he came to own the bar, starting Worker's Takeout, and how O'leavers is the top seller of Rumplemintz in the world!

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    Omaha Talks - Episode 2 - Sharon Manhart

    This episode we sit down with artist/sign painter Sharon Manhart. We hear about how she made it to Omaha, the importance of trade school, and inspirational stories of how she got to where she is today.

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    Omaha Talks - Special Episode - Why Omaha Talks

    We sit down and talk about why we started the podcast. Talk a bit about how we met, what we plan to do with the podcast, and a little talk about Insane Clown Posse.

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